Saturday, July 9, 2011

Tutorial: How to make your rendered car look fast, fast!

Wonder how to make it look like your car is moving?
Well, look no further, I'll tell you how to achieve such a result fast and easy.

(Have to warn you though, don't expect ultra-realism ...)

For the render I'll use keyshot, but I guess you can use your own program as well. See the screens for values if used.

The model is from J.E. Paz, and you can download it here at GrabCAD:Tamiya special racing buggy
The Camaro RV at the end can be downloaded here (GrabCAD as well): Camaro RV

First, you will need a suitable background for your scene.
Render your scene in a format which supports alpha channel.

Open the render result in Photoshop.

Add the background in a separate layer

Add dirt to the wheel if necessary 

Select the "ground"-surface of the wheels, and add motion blur (vertical)

Then select the sides of the wheel and add a radial blur

Add a smoke/dust-cloud trail/effect if it suits the scene

Add lighting effects or other effects you want to apply

Now you can choose between 2 end effects:

*Add a motion blur to the background, which indicated that the camera was focused on the vehicle (following)

 *Add a motion blur to the vehicle, means that the camera was stationary and the vehicle was just "passing along"

With these simple steps you should be able to make this:

Good luck!

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