Monday, January 3, 2011

Keyshot getting update 2.2 soon SW2011 support

If you are using keyshot and solidworks 2011, you are in luck.

 Solidworks, as always, is lazy in updating their API. Most of the time, the new API is released three months after the release of a new SW version.
The keyshot team integrated the latest SW API, so importing your models won't be a problem anymore.

Overview of *confirmed* fixes/features:
  • SW2011 support
  • Fixed memory overflow
  • Reduced memory requirements
This will be great news for people with laptops or non-workstation pc's

Possible feature for releases after 2.2: 
  • clearing memory automatically as needed

When the update is released, I'll post the changes made.



  1. Ow yeah... about time! Can't wait to get rendering already! :)

    Nice blog you are having here, by the way...

  2. Nice blog you have!

    And when will you post a tutorial for solidworks?