Friday, January 7, 2011

First Solidworks Tutorial: The Cup

Today we start with the first solidworks tutorial. The first tutorials will be basic, for people who have just started with SW and want to create some models easy and fast.

Like the title says, the first tutorial will explain how to make this cup:

The tutorial will cover the following features:
  • Revolve extrude
  • Splitting and deleting bodies by using other bodies
  • Dome
  • Freeforming

link: (1080p available)

End result:


  1. Nice footage sir!
    Though I would liek to see (or hear) more explanaition about what you are doing exactly, and why.

    I think that a good tutorial tells and shows what is happening, so the interested fellow who is following it will not just try to copy your mouse movements, but will also know why he is making these mouse movements.

    But for a first try, I think you have amde quite the effort!

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