Friday, January 14, 2011 Your new SW-bible?

Matthew Perez, known for his excellent Camaro tutorial, has finally released his solidworks tutorial website.
It looks fresh, it looks solid, it looks promising!
link: solidworkslessons

Click below for a detailed review of his website.

When you get on the main page of solidworkslessons you'll see bulletin board with post-it notes. These notes are clickable. The whole site has a doodle~ish look. 

All but the "Design tables" & "Tutorials online" are available for further discovery.
We will start this solid adventure by clicking "sketching". Matthew covers almost every aspect about sketching know to men. Fillets, splines, patterns, etc.

Further topics are: Features, Assemblies, Multi-body parts, Surfaces, complex surfaces.
A very important one is the "Tutorials downloads" Here you can download the Camaro and JBL speaker tutorial.
Simply making one tutorial will help you understand solidworks a lot better. When you get stuck (what could happen, if you do the camaro tutorial) you can use of course!

Now the layout of one tutorial (or, "light reading" as Matthew calls it). I will use the Tangency lesson underneath "complex surfaces".
5 pages of text, with some picture-support. I do have to say that the text reads very nicely, but more pictures wouldn't hurt. The setup and steps are technically sound, and are easy to follow. Using this will definitely help one understand the features of SW.

Of course this site is still in development, so I will give it another look in a few months.


  1. Ow, OK. As soon as Ive got a question on any part of SolidWorks, I can ignore this site and just skip to the appropriate tutorial...?

  2. Thanks for the great review! Yes the site has been online for a day now and it was a scramble to fill it with info so every page didnt say "under construction". The main focus of the site will be tutorials and the content there now is intended as more of a "pre" to actual tutorials. The more complicated tutorials will be for download while some of the more basic stuff will be a few pages online for each topic. The design table section is being handled by Bill Hamze and while most of the content is there I have opted to leave it under construction so there is no pressure to finish it.

    I urge people to leave comments or send emails via the Contact page so we know what works, what changes to make and so on.



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